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About Host Towns

What is the Host Town Initiative?

The Host Town Initiative is a system whereby the Cabinet Secretariat will designate local authorities all over Japan working towards human, economic and cultural exchanges with participating countries/regions, as "Host Towns", in order to contribute to making Japan a "Sports Nation", encourage globalization, revitalize local areas and promote inbound tourism toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games,
Designated local authorities will receive the country’s support to develop deeper relations with their partner country, with the aim of revitalizing local areas.

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Partner Country
Kingdom of Thailand

Partner country background story

[Registered as of 14th June 2016]

In April 2015, a solar power agreement was signed with a company afilliated with Thailand's Banpu Public Company Limited.
In September 2015, a Banpu executive payed a courtesy call to the mayor of Aizuwakamatsu.
The mayor took the opportunity to hand over a personal letter addressed to the Thai Ambassador to Japan in relation to future cooperation in promoting tourism.

Expected effect of exchanges with the partner country

If Aizuwakamatsu strengthens its relationship with Thailand by hosting a training camp prior to Tokyo 2020, we can expect to see further development not only sports but also in the fields of tourism, education, industry, etc.

By taking advantage of opportunities for the city's residents, especially the next generation of children, to mingle with Olympians and Paralympians, we can further build up anticipation towards the Olympics.

Introduction of the partner country


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy that stretches from the centre of the Indochinese Peninsula to the northern section of the Malay Peninsula.

[Current Head of State / System of Government]

King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand (Rama X)


69,122,234 people

[Major Industries]

Major exporter of cars and electronic appliances. Tourism industry.

[Food (Regional Specialties)]

Tom Yum Goong…Tom Yum Goong is Thai soup made with prawns that goes well together with all kinds of food. Its characteristic scent is reminiscent of exotic perfume while its combination of tart and spicy flavours are the very essence of Thailand.

Som Tam…A salad made using green papaya, Som Tam's crisp texture and mild spicy flavour is exquisite.

[Popular Sports]

Boxing…Thailand has produced multiple boxing legends, including Veeraphol Nakhornluang Promotion and Khaosai
The ABCO, a direct affiliate of the World Boxing Council (WBCO), has its headquarters located in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

[Traditional Culture]

Khom Loi Festival (Yi Peng)…A Buddhist festival held in Thailand around November each year.
People show respect to Buddha by launching hot-air lanterns into the air. The sight of thousands of these lanterns being released at once is breathtakingly beautiful.
It is said that the floating lantern scene in Disney's animated feature, Tangled, was inspired by this very festival.

[Tourist Hotspots and Historical Buildings]

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)…One of Bangkok's most famous temples.
The sight of Wat Arun catching the light by the Chao Phraya river is one of Bangkok's top landmarks, and is depicted on the reverse of the current 10-baht coin.

Ayutthaya Historical Park (World Heritage Site)…The ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya which was a thriving metropolis for over 400 years.
Places of interest on the old Ayutthaya Royal Palace site alone include: Wat Phra Si Sanphet, a major temple; and Wat Mahathat, best known for the stone buddha head entwined in tree roots that exists here.

[Other Features]

The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand's capital city, is typically bustling with tourists from across the globe throughout the year, and the city itself is full of numerous impressive temples which are popular spots for tourists.
The Historic City of Ayutthaya, a World Heritage Site, is also within day-trip distance of Bangkok.
You can find many gorgeous, gleaming white beaches scattered across southern Thailand in Phuket, Krabi, the Phi Phi Islands and so on.
There are also many towns and cities in the north of Thailand that are popular with tourists such as Chiang Mai.