We have started installing decorations specially designed for the Tokyo 2020 Games at Olympic venue Azuma Sports Park, the area around the prefectural government, and at major train stations throughout the prefecture!

The five traditional colors of Japan – ai (blue), kurenai (red), sakura (pink), fuji (purple), and matsuba (green) - make up the base colors of the decorations. They will increase excitement for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Decorations will be installed around the following areas:
・Azuma Sports Park
・Fukushima Prefectural Government
・JR Fukushima Station West Exit (The East Exit will be decorated by Fukushima City)
・JR Koriyama Station
・JR Shinshirakawa Station
・JR Aizuwakamatasu Station
・Aizu Railway Aizu-Tajima Station
・JR Haranomachi Station
・JR Iwaki Station
*Decorations will be installed on 14 April - 16 April