The grand start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch relay kicked off from J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture.
We would like to share the video of the opening performances in Fukushima Prefecture as a way to express our gratitude for the reconstruction support we received and to show the lively spirit of Fukushima!

Performing Groups

① Shinehagō Kibakai (a horse-riding samurai group), Soma Nomaoi
A conch shell ceremony performed by samurai of Soma Nomaoi, which boasts a history of over 1,000 years.

② Byakko Group, Aizu Tajima Taiko Preservation Society
A group which has performed quite well in national tournaments, Byakko sends a message of Fukushima’s spirit to the rest of Japan through a soul-stirring taiko performance.

③ The Hula Girls, Spa Resort Hawaiians Dancing Team
A performance by the Hula Girls, whose National Caravan toured all of Japan to raise everyone’s spirits after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

④ Fukushima Nishi High School, Design Department
High school students working to foster momentum for the Tokyo 2020 introduce their artwork and share their hopes for reconstruction and a successful Olympic Games.

⑤ Seeds+ Marching Band
Seeds+ is a marching band from Minamisoma city that has overcome hardships from the earthquake and nuclear disaster. Through their performance, they send a message of gratitude for the support Fukushima has received and how far the prefecture has come.