On 9 Sept (Sun) at Rakuten Life Park in Miyagi, “Kid Ambassadors” publicised for the baseball/softball competition to be held at Fukushima Prefecture.

This is the second publicity event by the Kid Ambassadors since 8 July. This time, 39 Kid Ambassadors, aged 5 to 12, visited Rakuten Life Park in Miyagi.

Before the match between Rakuten Eagles and Nippon Ham Fighters, Vice-Governor Mr. Hata and 23 Kid Ambassadors made a publicity appearance at the grand stand. Vice-Governor Mr. Hata appealed to the audience to come to Fukushima and enjoy the Olympic matches, and said that the baseball/softball opening match will be held at Azuma Stadium in 2020.

Next, the Kid Ambassadors watched the match. After five rounds, the mascot for Rakuten Eagles “Clutchena”, together with the banner and fan for Olympics and Paralympics was revealed. The publicity video for Olympic games in Fukushima was shown at the backscreen.

After the match, at the outdoor practice area, the Rakuten Eagles players from Fukushima – Yasuto Uchida, Kenji Nishimaki and Takuji Yagura – interacted with the kids with questions such as “What is your favourite food?”, “What do you do during holidays?”. The event ended with a commemorative photo taken with the players.

Despite the rain, the Kid Ambassadors publicised enthusiastically for the Olympic event. We look forward to the publicity by the Kid Ambassadors in the region and school about the fun of baseball and matches to be held in Fukushima.