On 4 April (Wednesday), Ambassador of Djibouti in Japan, H.E. Mr. Ahmed Araita Ali and Ambassador of Japan in Djibouti, H.E. Mr. Koji Yonetani, were invited to Minamisoma to give a lecture as part of Minamisoma Reconstruction “Arigato” Host Town project.

Due to Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, there is the chance to show the reconstruction and recovery progress to countries and the region. With Minamisoma chosen as the Reconstruction “Arigato” Host Town, we were able to have this lecture and be introduced to the history, culture and economy of Djibouti, as well as the relationship between Djibouti and Japan by the Ambassadors.

About 300 attendees listened to the lecture with great interest to the theme about the cordial relationship between both countries.

After the lecture, the Ambassadors paid a courtesy visit to Fukushima Prefecture Governor Mr. Uchibori and had a meeting together. H.E. Mr. Ali said he hope for more publicity events for Djibouti and Fukushima through the Host Town Project. Both Ambassadors agreed to Governor Mr. Uchibori’s comment that it is extremely important for the exchange between people and region to continue in areas such as sports, culture and economics.

At the end of the meeting, Governor Mr. Uchibori presented the Ambassadors with Aizu Lacquerware Tumbler Set as a gift.

We will further promote the Host Town Project in Fukushima Prefecture!