Organized by the JOC, the “Olympic Day Festa in Shirakawa” was held on October 6th in the Shirakawa City General Gymnasium in Shirakawa City. It is the first time the event has been held in Shirakawa City and then second time it has been held within the prefecture this year.

Six of the participants included Tabata Kenji, who competed in track-and-field in the Atlanta Olympics and Sydney Olympics, Horihata Yuya, who finished 6th in the 400-meter individual swimming medley in the London Olympics, Ogiwara Tsugiharu, who finished 5th in Nordic combined in the Nagano Olympics, Sato Toshiharu, who won a bronze medal in men’s gymnastics in the Seoul Olympics and also competed in the Atlanta Olympics, Tanaka Kotono who finished 7th in rhythmic gymnastics in the London Olympics, and Teshigawara Ikue who finished 4th in short track speed skating in the Salt Lake City Olympics and the Nagano Olympics. The athletes teamed up with 120 elementary school students in Shirakawa City and played games such as tag and kodama pass.

The participating Olympians also visited Komine Castle, whose stone wall restoration work was completed in April this year. During their visit, they learned about recovery and revitalization efforts from city government personnel.