Organized by the JOC, the “Olympic Day Festa in Fukushima” was held on September 14th at the Azuma Sports Park in Fukushima City.

Five Olympians participated including Honda Takeshi (4th place in men’s figure skating, Salt Lake City Winter Olympics) from Koriyama City, Tsukahara Naoki (silver medal in men’s 400m relay, Beijing Olympics), Nakamura Mai (silver medal in women’s 100m backstroke, Sydney Olympics). Kiyokawa Suguru (bobsledding, Turin Winter Olympics), and Okamoto Yoriko (bronze medal in women’s taekwondo 67kg weight class, Sydney Olympics.) The Olympians enjoyed spending time with approximately 80 elementary school students from the prefecture, playing games such as tag and doing relay races together.

At the opening ceremony, Olympian representative Tsukahara Naoki and representatives of the participants lit the former National Stadium’s 1964 Tokyo Games Olympic Cauldron to commemorate its return after being on display from July 24th – September 18th. Following the lighting, Vice Governor Suzuki gave his welcoming remarks to the hosting representatives.

After the event, the participating Olympians visited Azuma Baseball Stadium (in the same venue) to see its completed renovations for the upcoming Games.