On October 15th, 2019 (Tuesday), Director General Noji of Fukushima Prefecture’s Culture and Sports Bureau visited the training camp for Japan’s women’s national wheelchair basketball team at J-Village in Naraha and Hirono Town and offered words of encouragement to the athletes.

Fourteen athletes are participating in the training camp as they prepare to compete in the 2019 Asia Oceania Championship from November 29th – December 7th in Thailand. They are practicing with passion, aiming to take home medals in the Tokyo 2020 Games.

“By training here, in this prefecture still recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake, you are giving great dreams and hopes to the citizens of Fukushima,” said Director General Noji, as he welcomed the athletes to the prefecture and wished them great success in their efforts.

The Director General gifted the athletes with GAP-certified Koshihikari rice, Shinano sweet apples, and MEL-certified bonito flakes to promote the safe and delicious products of Fukushima Prefecture.